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human resources

jie is a career paltform

talent is the first strategic resources and core competitiveness to jie. by mechanic "100" plan, elite "100" plan, inheritance "100" plan.provide strategic human resources guarantee for the company's "six five" plan (2014-2018). to realize the jie vision and mission of "asian transmission experts", "green transmission, transmission world".

career development

in the future development, jie will focus on the project construction of “one center and two institutions” (jie drive academy, jie management academy and jie sales & service center) to realize the vision of “ asian drive expert, whole drive solution provider” by commitment on expertise and major industry.

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  • job title:factory irector

    department:assembly plant

    and memories 20 years ago, on a night, several young partner sit together and laughing, no words don't talk, talked about the individual from the family, talked about the work from the business, from now talking about the future, suddenly chen always put together reducer, in the thoughts of his superhuman thinking, came out of the first step to realize the dream of. a few months later, we left the original training our corporation, began to look for their own future dreams. at that time, young to things too naive, but the fact is not like imagination of so simple, no capital, no social resources and experience, every day to let pressure pressure to breathe, also home to see their parents face, sometimes also scold you a few words: not to do such a good job, fixed wages and personal reputation, now look at you rely on what life, and so on how to do it. then tears in his eyes, let a person have a kind of unimaginable pain, and even a back to the idea of the original life, finally or not to go back go forward to the determination to overcome its own. two, november 8, 1988, the dream of a day of the arrival of the innocent. under the guidance of chen, through half a year of preparatory work and 8000 yuan of the start-up capital, we have our own factory, also apply for the factory name: nectar reducer fittings factory, when only three of us, old factory building, a humble small factory, liao very few several sets of machining equipment. the old, backward and incomplete, and some are even unable to start, had to rely on everyone to begin repair, equipment modification, let them come back from the dead, put into production. start first year, because we do not have sufficient liquidity and market channels, only to rely on outsourcing processing fees to maintain the factory business, for the first time to undertake outsourcing the processing unit is yi sheng wool textile machinery factory, the enterprise of high government position and outsourcing suppliers are harsh, for door-to-door pickup, processing after the completion of delivery, inspection at the time than now to more standardized, request inspection, by the inspection list sent to party a, according to strict specifications are placed in the classification, so as to report of party a's inspection standard. inspection also have a supplier, accompanied by checks and waste materials parts returned on the spot, open a ticket examination, and is subject to deduction, more terrible is six months to do not see the money, to the end of the half the cost of processing a blanket for payment virement, was really worse, two years eventually benefit loss. three, construction of third years, in the support of relatives and friends and village leaders to help, we are determined to make products, their products can have autonomy, corporate development and growth. firstly we developed wd series products and single pass wp series products, difficulties in the production process, equipment shortages to modify their own material is not their own procurement, without drawings on learning while painting, no process by relying on collective wisdom, a few people together to think of ways to discuss the processing method, the preparation of engineering documents, temporarily not processing conditions, rely on outsourcing solution, like milling, grinding, rolling gear, and other process, when co number are door-to-door. his pickup, processing fees must each settlement. without a good means of transport only by bike one day run 30-50 km journey, very hard, was a small factory, less manpower, president chen and several other people for a long time wears hats, often busy sleepless nights, almost half of the sleep time to work. through the joint efforts of everyone, and finally the worked out the first batch of 15 pieces of reducer, but sell where to go, by previous fu baixing company's sales staff to help and president chen's own efforts, finally put the first batch of reducer are sold in the market in chengdu. at that time in the mind is very happy, thinking that success is built on the firm confidence, regardless of the road how arduous, how harsh environment, never stop we leave no stone unturned wants to do a good job of determination and will, determined to to do a good job in the factory, to make it not being looked down upon, in the company of the pioneering phase, not only to temper the will, but also further improve the our professional skills and business knowledge, let us to success and a big step. four, through several years of efforts to 1996, the company has built its own office building and the integrity of the factory, the predecessor of mannan reducer factory renamed hangzhou wanjie speed reducer co., ltd., the company after optimization of products, product extension, continuous technological innovation and process reengineering, from 1991 to 1996 every year new change. the company's rapid growth in, attention to human resources, in order to technology innovation constantly absorbing talents, employing the several from machinery industry experts, especially jiaxing metallurgical machinery factory original chief engineer huang jikang comrade. huang jikang is the first company to hire experts, then the total technical work by chen personally design, the completion of the draft of new recruits and technical personnel, we focus on the development of wp series of products, and constantly improve the technology and appearance quality, from the original single pass box to double pass box, constantly updated equipment, instead of plane processing by ordinary lathe, ensure body machining precision, specifications from 40-120 to 135-250 to expand the center distance of large-scale processing equipment is increasing, the design is highly modular, product development process is also involved in the drafting of the industry standard production system, continue to rationalize market changing patterns, from the original into direct sales, distribution agent model, market extends to foreign market development from the sale of expanding domestic market, improve brand licensing. five, from 1998 to 2002, the company in these five years, the product from a single to diversified development

  • job title:secretary

    department:president office

    for 20 years, in the history of sea maybe just a spoondrift, for jiepai is a history of deep, 2008, coinciding with the jiepai founded 20 years, thereby chance and you memories together i in jiepai days. after the spring festival in 2001, students have been quick to find a good job, some have been on the unit began to practice, of course, there are many students to find a job in hangzhou is still in the busy state. because they never wanted to stay in hangzhou, for whether they will stay in hangzhou is not too concerned about, thinking that this would be his last career as a student, then just want to enjoy the final days as a student, mother initial adherence is i hope to find a job as a teacher. however, i finally let mother down, but now the idea of mother is changed. jiepai is accidental and inevitable, it also said that it is a fate, today i still can remember seven years ago scenes. seven years ago in april, and my classmates together in the recruitment of xiaoshan people threw two copies of your resume, a vote for the xiaoshan district in a company and another would vote for the waanje company, almost at the same time received the interview notice of two companies, for xiaoshan district the single bit because more time abroad i was declined. jiepai interviews, i hadn't thought about to interview, i would be the general manager of the company, because i did an interview post was administrative secretary, in my impression of such things is does not require the company to the first hand to intervene, until later joined to jiepai work only to find chen, general in many of the things above always pro pro, precisely because of this, the company under the guidance of chen rapidly growing up. although because of personal reasons, i in the first interview after the failed to come as promised jiepai work, until three months later, when i again in the recruitment will encounter was in charge of recruiting, jiepai and i finally pull up my hand. 7 years to come to the company, jiepai has a certain scale, i did not experience the jiepai difficult period of entrepreneurship, but did witness the period of rapid development of jiepai, employees from the original more than 100 people to the present more than 500 people, staff dormitory of celebration, group office building relocation, gear production line put into operation, built the establishment of the company... , to now has six subsidiaries of the company, all this that jiepai straight towards the good momentum of development forward, and such a rapid development in the industry is also a leader. seven years, a not long also not calculate short days and my classmates have many have changed a number of units, each conversation always talking about recently went to where, who will just change the new job, so for i after graduation has been many students in jiepai gave praise eyes. in my long jie seniority than many people, seven years is what, so things are again becoming reasonable. perhaps he had never thought he would in jiepai how long, just as the days passed, jiepai has been integrated into the life, jiepai working atmosphere, jiepai invisible charm deeply attracted me, jiepai me ignorant of the students from a culture into today to independent side. seven years, in jiepai days pregnant and sorrow, aggrieved sad, have affirmed the joy, all the way coming worthy of deep thought worthy of memory. remember just entering the company, as a secretary in administrative office, in addition to the theoretical knowledge learned in school, many things need a little bit of trial and error in the work, answering the telephone etiquette, saying "hello" shortened the distance between the telephone line; treat people to learn, the knowledge and skills to charge, do not understand ask leaders and colleagues, in jiepai, as long as you're willing to learn, will learn too many things too much, in order to every employee of the number, the time every day to the factory workshop to go around, the staff spend all employee roster of touch clear. sometimes because others don't understand will be sad, the leadership of the company will talk with me, as i understand. after the birth of my daughter in 2003, i returned to the company to work, when it felt like a return to her home, feeling very warm. to go back to the company to work for a month, the company transferred to my secretary to the general manager, and until now, i still in the position of working, despite repeated every day doing the same work, but every day and always have different, the leadership of the company also gave me a lot of opportunities. time has accumulated years but also the accumulation of their own work experience, and his in all aspects has also been improved, now a lot of things to know only to complete. here would like to thank the company, thanks to the company leadership is your training let me have today's achievement, and i will continue to work hard, i would like to take this opportunity, let us bless "jiepai, happy birthday!"

  • job title:chief equipment officer

    department:processing plant

    as a provincial employee who has lived in a state-owned enterprise in the mainland, he entered jiangsu and zhejiang province at the forefront of reform and opening up with confusion and helplessness in his early years. after years of grinding, i have the two stages of social change and life changes have the most personal experience. in the past few years, the achievements of the company have been enormous. using data to illustrate that decades of brilliant achievements of enterprises are the business of the financial sector, they are more rational; and we can only use feelings, it is more emotional.

    the growth of an enterprise is summed up in one word: fast!

    first is the rapid expansion of enterprise development. starting from the earliest rental workshop, the xiaoshan mountain mango reducer parts were set up. after ten years of fighting, gong tong founded its own brand.

    next is product innovation and replacement. the predecessor of the company is a reducer accessories factory, did not have their own products until 1990, wp series worm reducer developed successfully and put into full market. in the following years, jrst worm reducer, jrt gear reducer motor, jrh industrial gear box, jrp planetary gear box, jd motor, jcm frequency conversion integrated reducer motor and transmission system, drive system, control system and other integrated transmission solutions have been introduced, which has played a leading role in the industry.

    in the maximum to meet the transmission needs of all walks of life, but also with the international well-known brand competition foundation. following the market changes, the company has developed a variety of dedicated reducer to meet the needs of different users. with the construction of jiepai intelligent transmission project, jiepai insists on the development plan of "specialization, intelligentization and globalization" and devotes itself to the technological innovation and application of industry 4.0 such as "intelligent factory, intelligent product, intelligent service".

    finally, technological management innovation is fast. enterprise organization innovation, system innovation, management mode innovation, technology and method innovation, enterprise culture innovation, etc. after years of exploration, we have adopted the system of inviting in and sending out, rotating post training and training, the responsibility system of project managers, setting up internal training schools, introducing professional talents, adopting advanced system software, taking the road of production, learning and research cooperation, and so on. logistics, customer relationship, human resources, decision support, information transmission, and other all-round, whole-process management; to achieve rapid response and seamless connection from customer personalized needs to internal manufacturing process, from management informatization to process management process-oriented effective convergence; to ensure that all the informatization output capacity, for rapid solution of various problems provides a strong guarantee, so that the company in a relatively short period of time, quickly from the earliest small workshop production management to set research and development, production and sales of comprehensive modern industrial enterprise management stage.

  • job title:project manager

    department:technology center

    is happy in jie. because bathed in jiepai strong corporate culture, here employees every morning list of neat team, high praise belongs to our jiepai song. full of enthusiasm into work study. here is our eternal theme: products, character, culture, site, market, report, here is our firm belief: either does not do, to do first-class; in here between the human and the human solidarity, create hui huang. the work is passionate in jie. company spirit: industry, career and family common prosperity harmonious idea. planning for the staff of life goals, design promotion channels, to build a business platform. in encouraging employees to continuously forge ahead at the same time also allow employees to enjoy the company to bring surprises and harvest. work is the infinite power in jie. the company holds: poly class talent, a brand, customer satisfaction banner. because the jie people know: a company to grow to people-oriented. in fact, jie enterprises in talent training is also spent a lot of manpower, material and financial resources. hire senior lecturer multi-faceted organization staff training: enterprise culture training, teaching work of grassroots cadres, fire safety training, jiepai elite training, jie drive brand manager training and so on. work, the more people jie amateur life is colorful, fun. organization holidays staff tourist places; the weekend party; private enterprise movement will and a great variety of recreational activities enrich the lives of the employees, and enhance the relationship and communication between people, everywhere is brimming with the taste of home of thick. jie people identified: no advanced culture and philosophy have advanced technology, there is no international brand and market. review through the years, jiepai through continuous technology innovation and brand management have accumulated in the solid foundation for the development, has the unique brand of charm. in the past, our thoughts are filled with a thousand regrets. based on today, our confidence, confidence. looking at the end we sing, laugh all the way. 2009 is jiepai "international expansion," in the future development, we will always adhere to: "first-class, professional, alliance" business philosophy, to build industry alliance, to achieve sustainable management, as we jie song said: on the road to professional, international standards, to the world!