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cppcc chairman hong songfa visit jie research

on 20 july 2016, district committee chairman hong songfa line to visit jie transmission research, jingjiang street party working committee secretary ding yi feng, national people's congress working committee director shen zefeng, deputy secretary of the li and other leaders, accompanied by research, the company chairman & general manager chen wood reception chairman hung a line of research. company chairman & general manager of chen demu to flood the chairman reported our jie smart card transmission project to promote and accompanied visited the production site, chairman hung after listening to the report fully affirmed the company two intelligent construction work and encourage companies in the intelligent construction on a new level. chen always thank the leadership of the concern and support of companies to promote lean production and construction of intelligent plant: a circle of ecological jie drive ecosystem, two intelligent of factory intelligence, intelligent products, three standards of product standards implementation platform, the standard process of realizing automation and process standards of implementation informatization "work with confidence.