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news update
team building brand building - jie holding group 2017 years' sales and service center will be held successfully

        "we want to become customers of the awe and respect jie people, we have to solve customer concerns ten problems, we must strengthen the team training and system construction, we should enhance the brand value and set up the industry......" golden hall on the third floor of the hotel yunxi 12 directors to directors of private identity to talk about feelings, offer a strategy. item details and finalize the plan one by one. jie drive 2017 'sales and service center will be on 7 january morning 8:30 officially kicked off.

jie center council

         jie drive 2017 'sales and service center will be on 7 january, 9, held in hangzhou xiaoshan jinma hotel. jie drive (chairman and general manager chen demu), the company's marketing, operations, support team and relevant departments from across the center of the delegates jie jie to have a joyous gathering a new chapter in the development.

scene 18 years licensing center

jie center for 18 years will have a photo taken.

       the meeting will be held in the form of board meetings, thematic exchanges, centralized office, theme salon, expert lectures, awards ceremony, signing ceremony, product release, theme report, new orientation party. the meeting adopted the "alliance", "rules for the implementation of the annual awards program" several charter documents; also focused on reward outstanding performance in the 2016 annual licensing center, participants completed the signing ceremony of jie center; top advisors huang xiaoyi teacher site wonderful lectures, marketing, operations team in charge of relevant departments on-site announced plans and measures chen dong keynote speech, the new party warm and harmonious high perspicacity.

chen de mu chairman jie center on behalf of the award

chen de mu jie jie chairman on behalf of the headquarters and the center signed a contract

        chen dong around the "team building brand" theme will be published on "how to be" ten million "licensing center" keynote speech. chen dong said, 2016'service innovation, product innovation, us division of collaboration, contrarian, contrarian, to achieve a steady growth performance in 2017; we want to achieve a better growth performance, successfully create ten million jie center must grasp the following three points: 1, li zhi jie the practice of enterprise culture, clear mission and vision core value and licensing strategy, to seize the domestic import substitution and upgrade opportunities, with artisan spirit do service products; 2, adhere to the alliance, comprehensively promote the "7222515" plan, "3355 project" and "lock industry, customer filing mode; 3, close coordination, division of labor cooperation, the implementation of the" the central action plan "and" headquarters "action plan, to achieve industry leading plan, plan, plan to double the performance of stealth champion. good customers, good products, good team, we have been working hard! we've been changing! we've been growing! let us work together to achieve a good start in the first quarter of 2017, as the industry alliance to join the capital market, a good start to the bureau.

chen made the keynote speech

         finally, the 2017 "jie drive sales service center will be the wonderful new year party ended.

        "every january qian tang mountain war hero poly jie." let us look forward to, wish jie in the success of team building and brand building in 2017. 2017, you and i together!

the welcome party jie family together