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seize the opportunity to change the concept of hard work -- the economic analysis of regional equipment manufacturing industry will be held in our company

      in april 10th, xiaoshan equipment manufacturing industry analysis of economic operation will be held in our company, vice mayor wei daqing, by the letter of the secretary wang jianyong, deputy secretary chen qiuqin attended the meeting, the 16 district jie transmission equipment manufacturing industry key enterprises attended the meeting.

      at the meeting, vice mayor wei daqing informed the economic operation of the 1 quarter of above scale industrial enterprises in the region, by the letter of the secretary wang jianyong informed the 1 quarter area of production and operation of equipment manufacturing industry key enterprises, all participants made the analysis and prediction of their business development trend.

      daqing wei pointed out that an important stage in hangzhou area, economy rising status, equipment manufacturing enterprises should seize the opportunity, seize the peak before the asian games, industrialization, city development and industrial transformation of airport economic zone opportunities, accelerate the pace of development of enterprises; to change the concept, focus on innovation and development, open development, cooperation the development, sharing development and green development, enhance the development potential of the enterprise; to do solid work, continuous technological innovation, the development of intelligent manufacturing, the development of emerging industries, accelerate the transfer of production capacity and risk mitigation work to enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises, enterprise quality.

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xiaoshan district, deputy governor of the speech

district bureau by the secretary general wang delivered a speech

wei mayor and the participants on behalf of the group photo