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asian driving experts compete with european drive experts in hannover

        2017 the hannover industrial exhibition in germany has come to a close on 28. with the theme of "industrial concentration and creating value", the exhibition attracted more than 6000 enterprises from more than 70 countries and regions. the drive was invited to participate in this event, competing with european driving experts.

        as the top gear motor brand in china, the jack drive has presented a system solution for the drive and drive control at the hannover exhibition, exhibiting a number of new products, such as jrt gear reducer, jcm variable frequency reducer and so on. the design of the simple atmosphere exhibition platform and the rich product line display have attracted the buyers and dealers from all over the world to set foot on the exhibition platform for visit and negotiation.

        the brand transmission is geared to the global market, including europe, north america, asia pacific, middle east, africa and other countries and regions, providing good products for good customers around the world.