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saluting the 30th anniversary --new jie new goal new life

saluting the 30th anniversary

--new jie  new goal new life

sweet osmanthus fragrances filled with refreshing, phoenix propose in xiaoshan town.

jie on its arduous development by mr. demu chen, and will be famous all over the world by mr. bo chen.

keep gentle, frugal  and thrifty, make a long run term enterprise.

more than 30 years of preparation, beginning for creating a hundred years career.

xiaoshan ganlu reducer parts factory

xiaoshan ganlu reducer factory

hangzhou wanjie reducer co., ltd.

hangzhou jie drive technology co., ltd

hangzhou jie construction machinery co., ltd.

jie  holding group co., ltd.

saluting the 30th anniversary, jie was established in 1988, insists on the business of making excellent speed reducers for hundred years, and to create the hundred years enterprise with the craftsman esprit in the gear industry. jie mission: green drive, drive the world. jie core values: first-class, professional, alliance. jie quality policy building good team and making good products for good customers.

national accreditation laboratory of speed reducer(cnas)

national postdoctoral research workstation

annual meeting of china gear professional association

jie charitable foundation

saluting the 30th anniversary, focusing on building an innovation platform, focusing on scientific and technological innovation, promoting the development of the industry and enthusiastic public welfare undertakings, jie have one dream--to achieve more happy families, two goals -- to be a hundred years enterprise and build a century-old brand, three plans: industry leader plan, hidden champion plan and performance doubling plan.

on the hannover messe in germany

on the imts exhibition in chicago, usa

on the ptc asia in shanghai, china

jie sales centers meeting

saluting the 30th anniversary, jie grow up from zhejiang brand, china brand to the global brand, jie gear reducers, motors, frequency conversion and whole drive solutions such as drive system, control system to serve the global market.

the foundation of jie intelligent drive project

the project launch of  jie innovation team information construction project

jie change the new work clothes

the landscape construction of jie road

saluting the 30th anniversary, jie through the gig data, the cloud computing, the internet of things, the block chain and artificial intelligence technology to realize the intelligent manufacturing tour of the reducers and remote real-time monitoring operations and to be the china gear industry digital economy demonstration enterprises

the celebration of 30th anniversary

family inheritance and industry evergreen

jie the intelligent drive solution

jie intelligent drive project

jie insists on "professional, intelligent, globalized" development planning, devotes itself to the application of "intelligent factory, intelligent products, intelligent services". jie provides the good products to the good customers in the world!

adhere to green drive and be committed to drive the world

create hundred years enterprise and achieve  happy families;

promote lean production and build intelligent factory

connect with the capital market and achieve sustainable operation.