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jie center’s meeting of taishan successful

jie center’s meeting of taishan was successfully held in tai’an, shandong province from july 6 to 9, 2019.

2019 is the opening year of jie's “the seven-five plan”,jie intelligent transmission project"intelligent factory + intelligent product + intelligent service" will be completed and put into production,to realize the intelligent manufacturing journey of a reducer and remote real-time monitoring operation and maintenance.

for best customers, best products, best team, jie adhere to the development plan of "specialization, intelligence and globalization",jie intelligent transmission solution provider.

the meeting adopted a series of activities including "three confirmations, theme training and team development",it clarifies the theme of "senior customer manager, know and should know tools" ,strengthened the requirements of "customer value orientation, service value orientation",to continuously improve customer satisfaction.