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bulletin information
motor testing equipments---0118 bid announcement

jie holding group has launched a bid of motor testing equipments, now we are inviting qualified bidders to participate in our bid. content
bid number: jdq002
bid title: motor testing equipment---0118
material title: motor testing equipment
2. bidding documents on sale
selling time: jan 4th, 2012 to jan 7th, 2012
opening bank: hangzhou xiaoshan yisheng branch of agricultural bank of china.
account number: 0840 0104 0004 910
3. expiration date: jan 16th, 2012, 5:00pm. we are sorry that we can’t accept overdue bidding.
4. bid opening date: jan 18th, 2012 to feb 11th, 2012. specific time will be released two days before bidding time in written form.