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low-noise reducer will become popular in the future

nowadays, people are attaching greater importance to environment protection, and establishing environment-friendly society has been put forward by the government. this is a social form of which people and nature enjoy a harmonious atmosphere. its core content is that people’s production and consumption can work harmoniously and persistently with natural eco-system. therefore, environment friendly technology, products, enterprises and industry are necessary elements of environment friendly society.

reducers is a unit of motive transmission, taking use of gear’s speed changer, adjusting motor’s winding number to a required number, meanwhile achieve bigger torque. at present, in motive transmission and motion mechanism, reducers are applied in many areas. while reducer’s noise pollution is one of the elements that cause environment damage. it impedes people’s normal life, study and work, low-noise reducers should be the top priority in our future reserch and development.

lowering reducers’ noise is an important research subject in the industry. many scholars both at home and abroad regard the change of gear meshing stiffness as a leading cause of gear dynamic load, vibration and noise. using reshaping method, minimize reducer’s dynamic load and speed vibration, and lower reducer’s noise. this method has been confirmed as an effective way. but in this way, it need reshape equipment in technology, which can’t be implemented in middle or small enterprises.

reducer’s noise has big influences on its working stability precision, gear contact precision, assembly accurately and other fields. it is necessary to find out its reason that causes noise if lower noise is required. transmission’s noise is the virbation that generated from consistant alternating force of gear meshing that act on bearing and box.

after years’ research, researchers find that through optimizing gear parametric, such as modification coefficient, addendum coefficient, pressure angle and center distance, minimize impact velocity, making the ratio of rodent impact velocity and meshing impact velocity in a certain range. minimizing or avoiding meshing round impact can also reach the target of lowering gear noise.

china reducer net http://www.jiansuji.org points out that along with manufacturing technology improvement, advanced assembly process and strictly abide to relevant standard of nation and internation, reducer’s quality will be improved and its noise will be lower. this is not only manufacturers’ burden in establishing environment-friendly society, but also the certain need of the new era. low-noise reducer will be undoubetly achieve an important in the future, therefore bring real interests to reducer manufacturers.