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say goodbye to high gear industry entered a stage of steady development

gear enterprises through the test of market competition at home and abroad, the years of the global financial crisis and the development of their own operation practice, already devoid of low-level production mode and the poor quality, low price competition pattern, the industry is moving into a 'broken pupa butterfly lovers' type in the new stage of development. "china general gear parts association branch secretary cui ming new confidently told china industry news reporter.

ming cui new definition of 2011 as the gear industry into a new development period of the beginning of the year. she told reporters on the basis of a combination of data, although still very complex domestic and international economic environment, unstable factors still exist, but in the country to strengthen the case of gear industry policy support, through the unremitting efforts of the enterprise, many gear gear industry output value created the record.

last year the industry development highlights three major characteristics

ming cui new emphasis, in 2011, the biggest progress is accelerated the gear enterprise change the way of development, transformation and upgrading of products are also produced results. to enhance enterprise's capacity for independent innovation as the drive, in order to improve the quality of enterprise product performance as the foothold, supported by national key projects and projects, adhere to the "from large to strong" the transformation of the concept of development has become the consensus of gear enterprises.

according to data from the china association of mechanical parts, in 2011, the gear industry overall sales reached 178 billion yuan, up 23% from a year earlier. imports are also much higher than exports, but much stronger than import export growth.

next, ming cui new further analyses the data. outer-plane and the overall economic growth, she thinks, industry development, industry economic growth speed and quality, the relationship between structure and benefits tend to improve continuously.

in the first quarter of 2011, although influenced by such as the spring festival holiday, but gear enterprise product processing orders, still relatively full; gear industry has maintained a good development trend, in the second quarter of the total economic operation has realized double-digit growth. but since the third quarter, macro policy adjustment, the japanese earthquake influence factors such as gradually appear, coupled with raw materials, labor costs, energy costs, such as cost increase, industry economic growth rate dropped significantly. in the fourth quarter countries implement the strategic adjustment of economic structure, growing gradually stabilized, the stable development of overall control inflation policies, industrial economy and steady running performance, finally realizes the complete packaged.

cui ming new special pointed out that the gear industry in 2011, has three major characteristics worthy of attention.

first gear industry is certainly in the position and function of the equipment manufacturing industry and ascend. gear branch to strengthen the communication with relevant government departments, through various forms to the relevant authorities report reflect the demands of enterprises, economic operation, and actively participate in the relevant industrial policy establishment, etc, effectively improved the gear industry status and influence in the industry to develop. in 2011, the ministry issued a "mechanical components, basic manufacturing process and basic material industry" twelfth five-year "development planning", fully reflects the gear industry development.

followed by independent innovation, transformation and upgrading has become the spontaneous action of the enterprise. in 2011, many companies around the "specialized, refined, special" model of development, on the basis of the optimization and integration of all kinds of resources, focus on promoting enterprise independent innovation ability, highlight the leading product advantages, high-end product market, strengthen to create corporate brand, have achieved good results.

again, is the enterprise through merger and reorganization, the strategic shift the industry cluster effect appeared gradually, industrial concentration will increase steadily, and optimal allocation of resources has become increasingly apparent.

according to ming cui new summary, "twelfth five-year", the first year of industry in the direction of "from large to strong" has made a key step, for the industry to achieve by the transformation of "manufacturing" to "create" laid a good foundation.

industry this year will show low after high before

when it comes to gear industry development in 2012, ming cui shin, most is a word "in time of peace prepare for war". she pointed out that at present, the gear industry is small and medium enterprises, private enterprises, more influence of the environment; less and less money less famous brand and technology. and the disadvantages of the sanduo, three little will influence in varying degrees, and even limit the health of the industry sustainable development.

moreover industry facing the external environmental challenges and unfavorable factors are also on the increase.

economic situation in the developed countries has a great deal of uncertainty, the european debt crisis fermentation, the u.s. growth, international trade protectionism and the developed countries began to "industrialization", weighed on the gear on export-oriented enterprises in the industry. at the same time, the domestic economic growth slowed, inflation remains, raw materials, labor, capital, environmental constraints, has become the norm. within the enterprise independent innovation ability insufficiency, the modern management level is not enough, lack of high-end, low-end surplus situation still exists, these factors make the enterprise could no longer keep the high-speed growth of the past.

as a result, ming cui new estimates that 2012 gear industry may appear before the "low after high and medium growth". in the fourth quarter of industry growth trend will continue into the first half of this year. in the second half, with the national policy of expanding domestic demand gradually in place, the development of strategic emerging industries as well as the national "sanki planning" the beginning of the implementation, will promote the modern equipment manufacturing industry, so as to drive the gear industry a new round of rising. the industry sales revenue is expected to increase by 10% ~ 15%, export growth to about 15%.

to achieve these goals, ming cui new said, in addition to the efforts of the enterprise, gear clubs will play a biggest role. in 2012, she told reporters, gear branch will continue to adhere to mechanical generic components industry industrial structure adjustment and transformation of the mode of economic development as the main line, on the basis of major equipment and the development of high-end equipment supporting demand, accelerate promote industry independent innovation ability, to promote the industry structure optimization and upgrading.

from the point of specific measures, the association will focus on the implementation of the "seven a batch of" project: to implement the "sanki planning" and industry "twelfth five-year" plan for basis points, to support a number of industry development, the development of a batch of key projects "sanki" iconic key core products, build a batch of industry enterprise and product brand, identified a number of "specialized, refined," the core competitiveness of enterprises, cultivating a batch of large enterprise groups, construction of a batch of industrial concentration area, support a number of public service platform.