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miao fair: based on the change of the pattern of economic development and structural adjustment

in addition, to be more heavy, green development, backward, energy saving and emission reduction for additional production capacity, to increase the barriers to entry, adding new technologies, new processes, new equipment, and the application of technology in the production of energy saving and emission reduction, and achieve energy conservation and emissions reduction, with the goals of transformation.

when it comes to two combination, miaowei said, with the popularity of the internet, the coverage is more and more wide, applied more and more deep, so want to in the field of industrial use information technology to transform and upgrade traditional industries, this is more than any other one new technology breakthrough has global and strategic significance.

to fully complete industrial energy saving target

miaowei pointed out that the ministry has been fully realized industrial energy conservation and emissions reduction for the development of the economy, the importance and urgency of global. to this end, the ministry this year plans to "twelfth five-year" goal, energy consumption as soon as possible into each year, strive to finish ahead of time, to avoid the late a target to complete the tight situation. through expanding industrial industries and product promotion of energy conservation, a enterprise to a higher goal. make industrial enterprises understand enterprises energy consumption situation in time, further arouse the enthusiasm of enterprises to participate in energy conservation, and form the whole industry development trend of energy saving.

he points out, the next step in the industrial areas, the first thing to eliminate work, pays special attention to the backward production capacity, through the phase out backward production capacity, finally achieve the goal of energy conservation and emissions reduction. second, the relevant government departments should further focus on six major energy-consuming industries, and extends to the whole industry and the whole industry full attention and energy saving to the significance and necessity of the work. three is the emphasis on energy conservation in the process of industrial production at the same time, also continue to launch a series of industrial energy-saving products, in order to promote the decline of the energy consumption of the whole society, improve the efficiency of energy use.

we will vigorously support innovative development of small and medium-sized enterprises

as the turmoil of the world economy, the current development of small and medium-sized enterprises in china is facing unprecedented severe challenges. how to help small and medium-sized enterprises survive, is facing the government a difficult and important task.

from the support of the objects, miaowei pointed out that the ministry has been further defined to support innovative, entrepreneurial and labor-intensive small and medium enterprises. from the type of the enterprise, more attention to and support the development of small enterprises. relevant departments shall provide the necessary financial support for the industrial enterprises to develop, for example to industrial enterprises financing loans can offer, especially the small micro enterprise short-term loans, to give support. in order to solve the problems of the small micro enterprise loan is difficult, the ministry has joint the china banking regulatory commission, the people's bank of china and other relevant departments, for small and medium-sized enterprise loan to give separate index, the examination, to be able to more small and medium-sized enterprises to provide financial support.

as the competent department of small and medium-sized enterprises, the ministry of industry and one of the focus of this year, is to reduce the burden of small micro enterprise, stop chaos to collect fees, fines, levies, and reflect more unreasonable fees for enterprises. miit hope governments at all levels to take into account the small micro enterprise difficulties, reduce some charges, create a relatively relaxed environment for enterprise development.

increased broadband network infrastructure

miaowei pointed out that the ministry is responsible for the establishment of strategic emerging industries planning work in four directions, including the new energy vehicles, new materials, a new generation of information technology, high-end equipment manufacturing industry. through the establishment of special planning, to the central decision-making to deploy and specific measures to further decomposition, implementation on specific companies, projects and products.

at present, the ministry has been carried out with various provinces docking work, to the enthusiasm of the central and local governments and enterprises closely together. through this work, and further determine the development direction of the central, clear as the specific companies, projects and products, and then to carry out the r&d funds, to carry out the source of technology, how to carry out the scientific and technological achievements into productivity.

miaowei emphasized that strengthening the construction of network infrastructure, promote the triple play is of great significance. at present in the construction of network infrastructure, the most important thing is that the construction of broadband network. ministry of planning, through five years of time, speed up the development of broadband, can do the city in 20 million households, rural households in 4 million households, this is the most basic goals, some places a higher goal. miaowei hope that through the implementation of these measures at the same time, the change in the past five years, china's broadband relatively lags in the world, and the gap is widening. in "twelfth five-year" period, we should finish the job pays special attention to, well, for the national economic and social development, for the growing cultural needs of the masses, to provide a guarantee.