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jie drive 2017 spring meeting started on behalf of

      at the beginning of the new year. in february 3rd, the 2017 new year started on behalf of jie drive meeting. the director of human resources, mr dai, presided over the meeting. the 131 team members of the "team" of the three teams took part in the meeting. the director of each department reported on the objectives and plans of the 2017.

      general manager chen de mu around the company's 2017 "team building, brand building" theme, the exciting commencement report. chen pointed out that in 2017, we should grasp the theme development planning and innovation of dna, comprehensively promote the completion of company level: 55153 plan, intelligent plant construction plans and strategic management standard, occupation planning standards, training standards, performance management standard, happiness enterprise standard "five standards; team: external marketing team service in the market the good customer service, responsible for customer orders, orders to all transactions; operation team to serve the scene inside the product and good service, responsible for product delivery, in order to ensure all delivery; support team - team synergy to order service, responsible for good team performance, in order to complete all a task; department level: day, week and month, season and year of the tasks and performance indicators.

      new year's day, new year's new goals, new year's new hope. let us work together to achieve a good start in the first quarter of 2017, in order to create a century enterprise, for the achievement of more happy families work together!

general manager chen de mu commencement report

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